Patiala Heritage Festival

Patiala was the center of all trade and commerce but as time passes by, the city has been into lots of manufacturing industries. They have many industries that produces lots of goods that can be said Main Products of Patiala. The people of Patiala have been considered the torchbearers of the culture and language of Punjabi.

Because Patiala has been the torchbearer of Punjabi, it has been the most important city in India. It became famous for their "Pagg", "Peg", "Paranda" and "Juti." It also holds great festivals that usually last for several days, celebrated by both the people o Patiala and its visitors. People come to this city to witness and partake of the unique festivities.

The well known and watchful festival in Patiala is the Patiala Heritage festival. This is the newest festival that started in the year 2003 under the Patiala Heritage Society. It is an annual feature that ornaments the face of Patiala's city. It is regularly held in the month of February, and the whole festivity lasts for ten consecutive days.

The Patiala Heritage festival is done as an offering sublime for all the music and art lovers of the entire state and region. This includes the Punjab state. This is not just any ordinary festival. This is very well planned that it showcases different aspects of music, arts and even sporting culture. This also includes the culture of the Royal state of erstwhile Patiala. This showcases the life of the erstwhile royal state.

The festival is a display of extravagant art and culture. It is best experienced for yourself rather than just listening to the stories of those who've been there. Savoring the event is incomparable to the many reviews and feedbacks you will ever get to read.

The Sheesh Mahal Art Gallery has the Crafts Mela (the Crafts Fair) held in its premises. They have more than a hundred and fifty crafters who tirelessly work on the display wares in this place for fifteen days. These wares include great furniture, textiles, pottery, jewelries, domestic linen, and different handicrafts in different kinds and shapes.

These wares are rightly boasted for display during the festival. It is a good mix of entertainment, many activities, and food tripping galore during these ten momentous days.

This ten day festival has the Indian classical Music which is played both with vocals and instruments. This dance concert is in the courtyard of the Darbar Hall. This hall is considered very majestic, located at the heart of the old city. The concerts are done by the international musicians, dancers and singers. They play their own singing styles or Gharanas. They show the traditions and genres of their culture. These concerts are referred as the festival's crowning glory because it is the main focus of the festival and it draw in more people.

Aside from the Mela and the said concerts, the festival is also the time for painting exhibitions, golf tournaments, equestrian events, cricket and polo matches, fashion shows, operas, plays, light evenings of music, and rural sports.

The festival satisfies the different needs of people. The wide array of activity options delights every individual participating. It has everything from the feast, the music and even the delicacies. This ten day festival is a grand occasion that people are waiting for.