Refresh Your Sense With Music and Dance of Goa

Goa is all about fun and Goans love to pull a string or shake a leg at every occasion. They are quite talented when it comes to music and dance. When it comes to culture, it is difficult to imagine Goa without its Portuguese connection. Because of 450 years of Portuguese rule in Goa, we find a unique and rich blend of western and eastern culture here. This influence can be seen in every aspect of Goan life, from art and architecture to food and music.

Music is in the blood of Goans since ancient times. You can find a pianist or a guitarist in almost every home in Goa. Rural areas are still sticked to the traditional forms of music while the urban areas have shifted to a more modern version. Goa is famous for its 'Trance Music'

Goan Music

Goans are trained and encouraged to learn music from a very young age. Their love and dedication towards music can be seen in every occasion and festival. On a Goa tour, you can listen to the traditional music patterns like- Suvari, Kunnbi-Gee, Mando (a love song sung by Goan Catholics), Painnem Halounk (cradle song), Dantear Ovio (sung while grinding wheat and rice) etc. Goa tour packages offer you a wonderful opportunity to start your day with the pleasing chimes of the church bells and chase your dreams with the melody of violins.

Ghumat, Shamel, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Cymbals, Shehnai and Surt are the major instruments that are used in almost every Goan music pattern.

Goan Dance

Fugdi and Dhalo are the most popular of local dance forms of Goa that are performed by women only. Apart from that, various other traditional dance forms in Goa that are preferred by the tourists are: Kunbi (a rustic tribal dance cum song), Dekni (a blend of eastern and western rhythms), Dhangar (performed during Navratras), Lamp dance (performed by women with lamps on their heads during the Shigmo festival) and Morulem (performed during Shigmo festival).

A few of these dance forms are inherent to certain festivals because these are performed as a gesture of devotion to Gods. Fun is synonymous with Goan music and dance, and it has a unique identity in terms of reflecting lifestyles, cultures, and different religions.