Disney World Flower and Garden Festival

If the Disney World Flower and Garden Festival is of interest to you, the time has almost arrived! From March 19th through June 1st, a span of over 75 days, some of the most amazing displays will be on view at Epcot. Disney World takes the art of topiary to a whole new level with exhibits ranging from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Pluto, and everything in between!

There will literally be MILLIONS of blooms held within the artwork that the numerous horticulturists have spent long hours honing to perfection. Speaking of horticulturists, a new addition to the festival called Garden Town allows event visitors to interact with some of the premier horticulturists who are responsible for the colorful blossoms. These interactions will allow individuals to receive flower growing and cultivating tips, as well as take part in demonstrations. A presentation by DuPont educates viewers on turning their yard into an elegant place to entertain and relax through "The Keys to Outdoor Living." These are only a few of the activities that visitors can partake in throughout their time at the festival.

In addition to the magnificent displays, Disney World offers a variety of subcategories to choose from. For example, the Butterfly House, a popular repeat, has butterflies flying free for kids (and adults) to enjoy up close. And don't miss the Flower Power Concert Series, music provided in the evenings at American Gardens Theatre.

Since the event is spread over 2 ½ months, there's no need to miss this opportunity provided by Disney.