Music Festivals in Europe

It's a big continent is Europe, nigh on 50 distinct cultures, loads of languages and customs, but the one one thing that unites is the love of music, which is the best reason to spend some time travelling around the continent enjoying the sights and sounds that the various music festivals of Europe have to offer.

From the northern Roskilde Festival held south of the eponymous town that hosts it the the March Metal Day in the southern country of Greece, many if not all tastes are catered for.

Roskilde is considered one of the "big five", music and arts festivals in Europe, along with Sziget, Glastonbury, Paleo and Rock Werchter. From very humble beginnings in 1971 when two high school students and hooked up with a promoter a legend was born. It has come a long way from its hippy roots and now is a much more mainstream event attracting thousands from Scandinavia and beyond.

The gig is usually held in June and slowly builds over a week to a massive event, set over 80 hectares there is plenty of room for campers and motorhomes to pull up, tune in and turn on.

As the Iron Curtain came down, many new countries have opened up to the listening hoards who now arrive by foot, train or motorhome. Hungary's capital Budapest hosts the Sziget on an island in the middle of the Danube, it's come a long way from the Waltz and is more rock oriented and an event that sees itself as in the "alternative" camp.

There are numerous other Europe-wide events, all of which are easily accessible by road and have ample parking should you wish to drive or take a motorhome, just remember to drive on the right.