Local Events and Things to Do Around Rye, East Sussex in September

The month of September is a busy month around the beautiful picturesque village of Rye and the English coastline of the East Sussex coast. The weather is still good and the countryside is still basking in the sunlight, cool breezes influenced by the sea, while the "end of season crops" are waiting patiently for their harvest.

If you are looking for a food orientated event at the beginning of September, then where better to visit than the annual "The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival", it is now in its 8th year and is the biggest type of event of its kind in the south of England. The festival is an opportunity for growers and producers from across the local area, to showcase their food and drink to foodie fans and the general public. It's a family event so there will be plenty to see and do for the children too.

For those of you who are seeking a little more excitement or hands on approach to your day trips, why not head along to Bodiam Castle, near Rye during early September. Bodiam Castle is one of the most famous and evocative castles in England, the castle was built in 1385. Bodiam are having one of their 'Have-go-Archery' day activities, where both adults and children can test their skills. It's all part of the "Hands on History" approach to getting people involved so that they can learn about history and have fun along the way. Participants visiting the castle can "have-a-go" at activities with the likes of; longbows, mini crossbows and even a paintball cannon, which I'm sure will be great fun!

Whilst on the medieval theme, Bodiam Castle will stage "The Trebuchet in Action'" days, where visitors will witness a full-size, fully working replica "Trebuchet" in action (a medieval catapult, used in castle sieges), which is a sight to be seen. The display will be continue daily until the 4th of September, and will be an exciting display for visitors.

On the 10th of September the annual "Rye Arts Festival" takes place which runs through the majority of the month and is celebrating 40 years in arts events in the town. The Rye Arts Festival is a mixture of event's including; music from classical and contemporary genres, as well as literary, children's events and many other special local events such as guided tours and walks and talks on diverse subjects such as the local natural history of Rye, cricket, the environment and art to name but a few.

A taste of the main events taking place during the festival, are an opera, jazz and blues music as well as string quartets and piano recitals. There is also poetry reading, art exhibitions and cultural talks. This is all presented by many famous authors, musicians and artists who will be in Rye for visitors to meet.