Costa Rica Guide - The Annual South Caribbean Music and Arts Festival

The South Caribbean Music and Arts Festival is held each year in a scenic Costa Rican town called Puerto Viejo, which is near the town of Manzanillo. Although Costa Rica is home to a great number of exciting festivals, the South Caribbean Music and Arts Festival is one of the highlights of the year. International visitors who have attended the Festival have highly recommended it. Indeed, it is an exotic and delightful offering of a blend of music amidst an idyllically beautiful background. Music lover or not, you are sure to be entranced by what you hear and see.

The Festival is organised by the Playa Chiquita Lodge and is a grand affair that lasts for about a month. The Festival typically falls between the months of March and April, and the concerts and performances are held on weekends in the amphitheatre at the Playa Chiquita Lodge or any other adjacent areas. Regardless of the exact locations, particular effort goes into ensuring the ambience is conducive for the festival events.

During the Festival, there will be numerous performances by local artists and bands. The genre of music features is diverse, from reggae to classical to local. Each year the range broadens and changes, encompassing more and more music from all over the Caribbean. You will surely be mesmerised by the quality of music, which has been consistently excellent for the past few years since the inception of the Festival.

Although music is definitely one of its celebrated highlights, the Festival does not solely focus on music. Dance performances and dance recitals are also held to ensure an exposure of all forms of art. There are also a series of workshops offered throughout the month to teach music to local children as well as to foreigners who are willing to give it a try. Most importantly, there is an important emphasis on food. The experience would not be complete without the superb traditional Caribbean cuisine which you are supposed to enjoy as you chill out at the concerts.

The Festival definitely provides a unique travel experience, especially for those who love Caribbean arts, music and cuisine. It is also an opportunity to meet up with people who share similar interests, as the Festival draws people from all over the world. Besides the Festival, Costa Rica has many other tourist attractions that can occupy you on your way to or from the Festival.