Paseo Arts District

The Paseo Arts District in OKC is a historic and cultural destination. Located north of Midtown in Oklahoma City, the Paseo-Arts District was originally a shopping district created in 1929. In the course of time, it transformed into a major community of artists. Apart from the 17 galleries (some of which offer classes) and working studios, the district is also home to countless restaurants and bars. Connoisseurs of art have monthly and annual events to look forward to that not only feature art expositions and artistic demonstrations, but also cultural delights such as wine tasting and live music.

The Paseo Arts District is home to displays of a wide variety of artistic forms such as oil painting, photography, crafts, jewelry, music, glass, dance and theatre which in turn showcase diverse cultures around the world. The First Friday Gallery Walk is held on the first Friday of every month from 6pm to 10pm, and the next day from noon to 6pm. It is quite a time to enjoy the atmosphere, listen to live musical performances, check out live demonstrations and taste great wine.

The Paseo Arts Festival is an annual event that has been held at the Paseo Arts District for more than 30 years on Memorial Day weekend. Over 70 artists attend the festival, displaying their work that covers art forms such as painting, pottery, crafts, jewelry, sculpture and much more. The other features of the festival include: a children's play area where kids can create their artwork and have an early initiation into the world of art, performances of musicians and entertainers, and awards in many categories of up to $1000 presented to artists.

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